About Us

The Lenawee College Access Network exists to serve many audiences – the students in our county who are considering how and when to pursue college or another post-secondary plan. That advanced training culture can include two or four year college, trade, technical or specialized school, or military options. It is also the purpose of the network to recognize, reduce and restructure barriers for those trying to pursue a post-secondary plan, in order that they apply for and complete their plans.


We also serve the parents in our county – they are seeking information for all ages of students, as they prepare and nurture their children into young adulthood and beyond. Parents and guardians use our network as a research tool for information, upcoming deadlines, and understanding financial obligations and opportunities when it comes to paying for advanced education.

Because the Lenawee College Access Network is comprised of so many individuals within the community, collaborating and working together, many community leaders and business owners have expressed interest in supporting our mission.

There are even those out there who have set up scholarships within the county to help our high school students get ready for advanced learning.

How we help


We all work together to ensure you or your child have the tools they need to succeed.

Work towards goals

We work with you to accomplish a common goal between you or you and your parents.

College Tours

We work with colleges all over the state to schedule free tours of college campuses.

Use our resources

We spread the word

Whenever there is a future graduate in need or a college looking for new students. We will work together to help pair you together.

We cut the red tape

We help with any road blocks that may be preventing students from pursuing post-secondary credentials

We deliver

We’ll deliver comprehensive and coordinated access services to ensure alignment of current college access resources and will continue to encourage replication of successful strategies

We are always seeking those businesses and individuals that are interested in taking on greater challenges and responsibilities to assist us, and ultimately assist the students of our county, and the success of our county overall.

Involvement may be in the form of your personal time and attendance in meetings, representing your business, school or agency, or by making a monetary donation to help sustain programs and alignment towards a collective impact on our goals.

We are joined and supported by the Lenawee Community Foundation, the Michigan College Access Network and the National College Access Network seeking to improve the support and educational goals to improve the credentialing and work skills and college going culture in our community.

Leadership Team Members

Types of LCAN Teams

Leadership Team

For businesses or organizations that want to help students.

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Early Interventions Team

Provides support for college applicants through collaborative strategies.

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Affordability Team

Helps in the planning of financial aid, resolve barriers & evaluations.

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Retention Team

Align, establish & share practices of existing mentoring & education.

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