Common Agenda


The Lenawee Career & College Access Network is a collective impact network that builds and sustains purposeful and collaborative relationships among our schools, businesses, and surrounding communities.  Doing so enables residents to gain the essential skills, knowledge, and post-secondary education or training they need to achieve economic prosperity, aspire to lifelong learning, and enjoy a better quality of life.

 Urgency for Change

Responding to the change in Michigan’s economic climate, Lenawee County must retain and attract business and industry by continuously growing and improving its workforce—one that meets today’s workplace needs and capably seizes tomorrow’s career opportunities. Supplying skilled and educated workers to meet the demand in this employer-driven, global economy is essential to build and sustain a vibrant and healthy community.


Our community grows and transmits a vibrant culture surrounding career and college choices by ensuring Lenawee County residents pursue and complete college degrees, or build careers through beneficial trade or industry credentials, or military service.


The Lenawee Career & College Access Network will:

  • Build a culture that fosters post-secondary attainment and lifelong learning among Lenawee County residents.
  • Prepare residents to be socially, academically, and financially ready for post-secondary educational and career opportunities.
  • Mobilize, align, and strengthen current career and college access resources, as well as find and deploy new resources to best serve Lenawee County.
  • Engage school personnel, community organizations, citizens, funders, businesses, and students and families on the importance of career and college access.
  • Lower barriers preventing residents from pursuing post-secondary education or credentials, particularly those who are low-income or who are first in their family.


All Lenawee County residents will:

  • Be socially, academically, and financially prepared for post-secondary study or training by the end of high school.
  • Enrolled, enlisted, or employed within six months of high school graduation.
  • Complete a degree, beneficial trade or industry credential, or term of military service within six years of high school graduation.

 50% of Lenawee County residents will have a degree, active military service, or a beneficial trade or industry credential by year 2025.

 Shared Objectives and Metrics

Increase the percentage of Lenawee County:

  • Middle school students who clearly intend to pursue a post-secondary credential.
  • High school seniors who complete a FAFSA or demonstrate a clear alternative post-secondary plan.
  • Graduates who complete a degree, beneficial trade or industry credential, or term of military service within six years of high school graduation.

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