The Lenawee College Access Network Leadership Team assists with the overall mission of LCAN and supports each of the volunteer Action Teams that work to develop this program.

This team is responsible to maintain a Collective Impact, a systematic, data driven approach to solving a complex problem that involves a community-wide group of organizations committed to achieving Goal 2025. They act as the driving force of the network by recruiting new members/partners and fostering relationships throughout Lenawee County. Members also analyze new data and assess the needs and strategies for the network. This team also is responsible to ensure the network is following all legal obligations and operating within the guidelines (MOU) of our grant funding. They also conduct yearly performance reviews on the coordinator and other staff.

Team Roster:

Name: Business/Organization: Title:
Sue Hammersmith, Team Co-Chair Lenawee Community Foundation President & CEO
Mark Haag, Team Co-Chair Lenawee Intermediate School District Superintendent
Mallory Frailing, Co-Chair Jackson College Assistant Director of Admissions for Off Campus Programs
Bill Blackerby Siena Heights University Professor of Business & Finance
Donna Holubik Eastern Michigan University Director of Financial Aid
Chris Howard Lenawee Intermediate School District Truancy Prevention Specialist
Stan Masters Lenawee Intermediate School District Data & Development Coordinator
Jim Southard Lenawee College Access Network Coordinator
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