Lenawee Career & College Access Network

Planning for your future is never complete

As some of you may know, College Application Month has just wrapped up.  The Lenawee College Access Network had great success with the youth in Lenawee County and helping them prepare for their post-secondary years.  Even though College Application Month is finished, planning for your future is never complete.

There is so much more for you to do before you leave high school.  Here are a few tasks you may still have to complete.

-Apply for college!  When the Lenawee College Access Network uses the term “college,” we mean anything post-secondary.  Whether it is a four year institution, an apprenticeship, a trade school, enlisting to serve, an internship, or even a job.  It is important to start nailing down your next step.

-Fill out your FAFSA!  FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  Remember when searching for it, you should NEVER have to pay.  It is free.  If a website is asking for credit card information, it is a scam.  Go to www.fafsa.ed.gov

-Apply for scholarships!  Many colleges have their own scholarships for which you can be considered, but you have to apply.  Many of the deadlines are before the new year, so get those applications in soon.  Also in Lenawee County we are fortunate to have our own set of scholarships with the Lenawee County Education Foundation.  Those scholarships open December 1 and are to be filled out online.  Visit www.lenaweecef.org to apply. Check with your counselor for additional scholarship opportunities.  Any scholarship you receive is helpful and will help offset the cost of college.

-Go the extra mile!  In order to set yourself apart from the many people applying for the same colleges and scholarships as you, you must have extracurricular activities and volunteer hours.  Sports, choir and band, the Lenawee YOUTH Council, clubs, and theatre can be great extracurriculars in which to be involved.  These can be put on your resume for jobs, college, and scholarships applications. Volunteer experience is also a huge asset to have when preparing for your future.  Often times these are what gets you noticed and many scholarships won’t even consider you unless you have volunteered.  For volunteer opportunities or to get involved in the Lenawee YOUTH Council, contact Alissa Reeder at the Lenawee Community Foundation at 517-423-1729 or, alissa@lenaweecf.com, or go to our website www.volunteerlenawee.com.

These are just a few things you can add to your checklist and hopefully check off while making your plans for after high school!  Good luck!


Alissa Reeder is an AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) with the Lenawee Community Foundation.  She serves 20 hours per week with the Lenawee College Access Network, and 20 hours weekly with VOLUNTEER Lenawee!