9th Grade Freshman?

Preparation for College early will get you on the right path!

Getting ready for life after high school begins even earlier than your freshman year, 9th grade. You are getting ready for a career, and high school will have courses that are required (meaning you have to take them) and electives (which means you may have a choice). Both types of classes help you discover your strengths and aptitudes and may help you look at careers/jobs/employment that use that coursework on a regular basis.

Your ideal career goal may change from this point in your life, and that’s OK. If you do well with the core Freshman classes and dig into some electives that might interest you; that is one way of discovering your talents and interests. Or, perhaps you know someone working in the career path you’re interested in. Maybe you can job shadow them a few times to see what’s involved with the job and if you’d really like to pursue it as a career.

Ninth Grade Preparation for College

Attend school regularly.

There is a direct success factor on attendance and academic success.

Challenge yourself!

Take difficult courses though it may not be a strength area.

Seek tutoring and extra assistance for difficult subjects.

Get to know your teachers and counselor. They are there to help you reach your goals and graduate!

Get involved in activities if you are not already.

Music, sports, art, class clubs, these sometimes give ideas for career pathways because they include your strength and interest areas.

Focus on Learning and how to balance your time.

There is a lot to pull you away and distract you from your learning and focus. Time management is a learned skill and should be practiced. Set priorities and timelines for projects, both for fun and school.

Consider these too when prepping for college

  • Consider volunteer work or take advantage of opportunities within your Freshman classroom setting to help others. Get to know yourself in the way you work with people and on your school work. Know your learning style because it may develop into your work style someday.
  • Monitor your grades and GPA (Grade Point Average). This number will stay with you throughout high school and keeping it high may result in opportunities for post-secondary educational options. This is a permanent record of your education.
  • Pay attention when there are career exploration activities available. Talk to seniors about what they plan for after high school. Start searching careers through websites and/or visit a college or a college fair to gather information about majors and course offerings.
  • If you have not already, start gathering work experiences, both paid and unpaid. These experiences are skill builders and help you develop a bank account/savings for life and life after high school.
  • Set goals to improve yourself and try new things. Establish connections with adults that may help you—coaches, advisors, counselors, teachers, administrators, etc.

Who do you want to be when you grow up?

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what you’d like to be “when you grow up”, as adults like to say, especially when its your freshman year of high school. Here’s an interactive tool to help you think through some questions about knowing what you might be interested in (click the tabs to advance through the questions) and what you may want to start to focus your freshman efforts on now:

If you couldn’t be one… what else would you want to be?What hobbies or interests do you have right now?What are your favorite classes so far?What topics do you like to read about?Who do you admire, and why?

Are you ready for college?

Get the resources you’ll need to make the right choices.

I’m ready!

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